Montreal doesn’t believe in August long weekend

Since none of us had to work, and everything was closed in Ontario anyways, Montreal sounded like a really great place to visit for the day. My driving stamina is not quite where I want it to be yet, so we figured the 7 hour round trip from Kingston would be a poor idea. Instead, Erin and I stopped over in Cornwall on Sunday night to pick up Linzi and to see her beautiful new house that she built from scratch. The three of us lived together in university, so it was lovely to meet up again.

Montreal is a magical place, perhaps due in part to the fact that it is on an island and has a big mountain. We went to spend some time on that mountain, more commonly known as Mont Royal, and I was shocked to find that the Lac aux Castors was completely drained and was nothing more than a big pit of soil. That made me a little sad, I won’t lie. So many good memories (from one trip) by that lake in the wintertime, snowtubing and watching people skate.

What makes Montreal even more magical is that you can experience it and not have to worry about your belly. There is delicious food to be eaten everywhere you go, and this trip was no exception to that. We visited Schwartz’s and La Banquise to start, because you always need to eat at those places. Then we ventured down to the Old Ports and Linzi picked the most delicious place to eat crepes, called the Creperie. It is on the 2nd floor of a building, sandwiched between two Montreal Poutine signs. It looks out onto Rue Saint Paul on one side and a little artisans alley on the other, and the crepes are divine. For dinner, we just picked a place off of Place Jacques Cartier called L’Aventure, which was nothing to write home about.

Though we did wander around Rue Sainte Catherine for a bit, the majority of our time was spent down in Old Montreal. I love this area, because it reminds me of Europe, and because it is close to the water. We stumbled upon this “urban beach” that was entirely empty, and we saw strangely colour-coordinated families. We also strolled through alleyways lined with paintings and crafts.

Oh Montreal, if only you were a little closer, and I spoke French, I would probably visit you more. Nonetheless, Montreal was a beautiful place to vacation, and I had a lovely time with my friends :)


This girl likes to eat.

And by this girl, I mean me. I was working on our trip post this morning while anticipating the work that I would need to do on Kelvin and my adventure book, and I stumbled upon this series of pictures. To give you some context, we had just come from Momofuku Noodle Bar and had ordered the fried chicken. Due to a series of unfortunate events, we had to leave the restaurant before really finishing, but I was able to pack the rest of the Korean style fried chicken to go. I got hungry as we were waiting for the subway, so I thought I would just satisfy my craving with a single drumstick. In retrospect, this was probably very unladylike…though no one commented on it out loud.