Project Updates!

Even though beyondmybox is my main blog, I have a few side projects that I’m working on. It seems I can’t really sit still and I like to have a million things going on at the same time (even in the summer it feels like I have tasks to finish all the time)!

Letters to the (Extra)ordinary
Today (and by today I mean July 19) marks Day 75 of this daily letter blog. This was a blog that I started on my birthday to document little (and big) things that happened each day. Funnily enough, I didn’t document the day I got engaged (perhaps it was because I wanted my family and friends to hear it from me rather than from the Internet). Instead, I wrote a letter to a highway. To be honest, there are days that I write retroactively (due to a lack of a wireless connection or otherwise), but I hope the essence is still there for the readers. I can’t believe it’s been this long since I started, and I’m even more excited to see how long I can keep it up! My goal is to make it at least until my birthday next year, though I am finding it really hard to remember what day I’m actually on. Thank goodness for the WordPress app!

The One Day Project
This was something I started on a whim one day in March. I had a red journal that I hadn’t used yet, and I decided to turn it into a traveling diary of sorts. I love writing, but I wanted this diary to be a part of something bigger, so I made up some rules of engagement, drew a synopsis of my day in it, and sent it to my friend Crystal in BC. Since then, this little red journal has been in the hands of five different people, in four different countries, in three different continents! It is definitely an exercise in patience, because the average turn around time from person to person has been about a month. Furthermore, it requires me to relinquish some control of where my projects take me (which is admittedly very difficult). However, I have enjoyed emailing the people whose hands this journal falls into, and like with all my projects, we will see where this goes!

And now for something from the “vault”…

Ink and Paper (Napkins)
Kelvin and I started this food blog quite a while ago, and we haven’t contributed to it since April of last year, after our foodie trip to Montreal. It wasn’t that we’d forgotten about it, it was just that we found ourselves obsessing over our food while eating rather than just enjoying it. And that is no way to have a meal, so we stopped writing. While in San Francisco, someone commented on our super old post, saying she enjoyed reading our series on Montreal. It made Kelvin and I think about whether we wanted to write again, especially after having had so many wonderful culinary experiences on this last trip. We are still stewing over the possibility, but I wouldn’t rule it out entirely. We shall keep you posted!

Aside from these virtual projects, I have Kelvin and my adventure book to update. I am dedicating a good 10 pages of it to this trip, so there will be a lot of cutting, gluing, and writing over the next few days. I wonder how much I will get done before I have to leave Kingston again…


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