Kingston: where the heart is

Growing up, my family went on a lot of vacations. Every summer, we would head away once, twice…sometimes many, many times. You would rarely see us in town for Christmas, March Break, Thanksgiving, or any long weekend for that matter. Now that I am living in Kingston, my travelling has decreased slightly (though somehow I am still managing to save up money to go on little trips here and there). Yesterday, I got back from my now-annual trip with Kelvin’s family for the KNA conference. It was a lovely time (post to come), but I also found myself experiencing a feeling that I don’t often feel when I am away on vacation. I felt a longing for home, to be back in my own bed, using my loofah, cooking my own food. It was a peculiar feeling, especially for someone who is constantly being bitten with the travel bug. True, this may have been in part due to my bout of tonsillitis, or my inability to keep up with my AQ course while travelling, but a more plausible explanation is that I am really starting to think of Kingston as my home. Looking back at the past few months here, I have narrowed my love for this city down to 5 main things:

  1. The perfect size: Kingston is big enough that it has all the amenities I need (though it could really do with an HK-style restaurant) while being small enough that I feel very comfortable becoming involved with my local community and staying active with neighbourhood happenings.
  2. The perfect location: Located in the middle between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, Kingston allows me to be close to major metropolitan centres and my family, while being a space all my own. Also, it is 2 hours to Syracuse (perfect for our US flights), and just over 7 to NYC (no further explanation needed :P)
  3. The perfect nod to nature: I love the lake, and to be able to be close to it is wonderful. I can go hiking when I want, biking when I want, and out on the water when I want (usually). I have my own little yard, and I can breathe easy with my windows open.
  4. The perfect community and solitude: To be honest, I was a little nervous moving to Kingston, with most of my friends in other places. However, we have developed some great friendships with people who live here in town, and we are still able to keep in touch with all the people who are important to us. Being away from the hustle and bustle, we have a chance to live a quieter life free from the expectations and comparisons of others, and more true to our own hopes and dreams.
  5. The perfect place to build our nest: With a look to the future, I want a place where I feel comfortable settling down and starting a family. Kingston has been a great place for Kelvin to grow up, and I’m looking forward to how we will continue to live actively in this city. As we settle into a new church community, move into the married chapter of life, and develop our respective careers, I know we will grow to love Kingston more and more.

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