Just an Ordinary (Summer) Day

I suppose you could say that my summer vacation is starting early. This is the last week of school, which means that I am anticipating few, if any, supply calls. Work at my other job is winding down as well, with tutoring sessions over, and just a few end-of-the-year type meetings and celebrations. My third job officially finished in April, but with the summer months approaching, I am going to start prepping for next year.

So what do I do on days like this, where I virtually have a whole day to do what I want? Well, for one thing, I can sleep in. This morning, I woke up lazily at around 9:30 am, with no morning supply calls or alarm buzzes to fling me into the day. Kelvin did text me at 9:20, though, so perhaps subconsciously that was what woke me up.

After boiling some hot water for my fake neo-citron (my throat has not been cooperating with me lately, and I see no point in buying the expensive stuff when the no name brand does the same job), I got to spend time doing morning devos. My personal devo life has been rocky over the past little while, with readings happening sometimes in the late afternoon, sometimes in the evening before bed, and sometimes not at all. Hopefully with the ability to set my own schedule, this will take precedence.

Then the morning routines began. I always read my Newsify in the morning (admittedly sometimes I multi-task, doing this while I brush my teeth…) and maybe squeeze in a quick game of “Move the Box” or “flow” (this super old school game where you are given pairs of coloured dots that you need to connect while making sure to use all the boxes that are provided…really fun, find it on app store if you are interested).

In light of my recent NSF fee post, I made phone calls to almost all of my utilities providers to remove my PAP plans. I decided to leave my gas bill (it’s the same price every month, plus there is a $250 deposit if I remove APP), my security system bill (I can’t track this online, so I figure preauthorized is the way to go), my hot water rental (which comes four times a year) and my monthly charitable giving. Everything else – water, hydro, cell phone, internet, credit cards – is now done on a pay-it-myself basis. I will have to make sure to be diligent about my payments, but I am confident that this will trump my $45 NSF fees (yes, they are $45 -__-).

Then came the household chores – general cleaning, mowing the lawn (which I do roughly once every 2 weeks; it is actually very fun, and I am immensely thankful that I have a relatively flat and regular lot), and trimming the large bush by my porch that is invading my front steps. By this time, it was close to 1, and I realized that I was hungry, so I needed to go get some food. In an effort to save gas, money, and the environment, I decided to venture to Loblaw’s on my bike. I made a pit stop on the way there to drop off my library items that were due today. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to remove one of the Wii games I borrowed from my Wii…

After my grocery trip at Loblaw’s, I came home, with not really enough time to make a proper lunch. I ended up wolfing down some yogurt and granola (Love Grown Foods Simply Oats granola to be exact :D) and biked down to a school to pick up a reference letter. That school happens to be across the way from a library, so I was able to “hit” two birds with one stone (it really wasn’t necessary to kill them).

I just started taking Spec Ed part 1 (yahoo for AQ courses!), so I managed to squeeze in a few hours of work before Kelvin’s rainy softball game up in Harrowsmith. I don’t often get to watch him play, so when the opportunity presents itself, I usually take it. Plus, the drive up Highway 38 is very nice.

Currently, it is midnight, and I am full from the bibimbap and milk black tea with tapioca that I consumed at Classics. It’s always nice to see friends, to laugh, and to catch up on life. In conversation with them, I learned that the wedding count for next summer is up to 6, and I am very happy that Kelvin and I will be close to the beginning of wedding season.

I am at a crossroads now with whether to work a little more or to go to bed. Either way, I must say this is probably the most thorough post I have done to date regarding my daily existence. Thanks for reading :)


3 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary (Summer) Day

  1. Congratulations, Cat!! I knew it was close based on your Pinterest, haha. All the best with your wedding and marriage planning – I can’t imagine how exciting it must be!!

    As for the NSF story – I have an update too. I sent a cheque to a farm in Calgary to subscribe for their community shared agriculture share two weeks ago, and totally forgot about the cheque to transfer the extra money into savings. I bolted up one morning at 5:30 a.m. and remembered the cheque somehow, so I went downstairs and transferred the money. As of today I am still okay, so we shall see!

    What a productive day!

    1. Haha thanks Connie! We are really excited and are looking forward to it :)

      And I definitely know that feeling you get with cheques and fees. The tough thing about cheques is you don’t know when they will be cashed, so you really need to have a cushion. Because a lot of the cheques I need cashed now are bigger, I don’t feel comfortable with anything less than a $1000 cushion. Even with that I have had days where fees have bounced :(

      Also, in case you were wondering, I opted not to go to bed yet…and actually proceeded to plan until 4 am for my scrapbooking party today :P

      1. My goodness! You are a night owl :) I realized after third year that I couldn’t stay up past 1 a.m. without being a zombie the next day. Doesn’t work out too well for CCF events because those are always past 1!

        Have fun with your scrapbooking party today! Sounds so fun!!

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