To mow or not to mow

One of the joys (and by joys, I mean obligations) of home ownership is maintenance, particularly of the lawn variety. Before today, I had done close to nothing. A few weeks ago, I spent a good few hours attempting to rid my front lawn of dandelions, only to give up when I realized I had tackled about 3% of all the dandelions. My neighbour was nice enough to fill those holes I had created in the lawn (from the weed puller) with sod, and they even mowed my front lawn for me!

My backyard, however, was a whole other story. Virtually untouched since I moved in, it was in desperate need of a cut. I’m not exaggerating…


This is what my backyard looked like. Without a mower in Kingston, and little desire to purchase one after paying for my AQ course, I left it to its own devices. When I wandered in today with the mower my parents had given me, I kid you not when I say some strands were up to my knees. After two mows and a whole lot of sweating, I was able to step back and admire the result.


Dare I say it now looks like a proper lawn. It makes me happy (and I’m sure Kelvin is thrilled too). Now to maintain it throughout the summer months…


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