When the years start to blend together

Remember how when you were nine years old, it was the biggest deal when you made it to double digits? And do you recall the sensation of counting down the days to your 19th birthday?

Well, as it seems, the older you get, the larger the interval between these milestones, and yet the spaces between them seem to be more and more similar. Your days and weeks run together as routine sets in, and you find that time flies by (isn’t is still February?…) . Something I’ve experienced this year is that when you are working, your concept of time is very different from when you went to school. As a supply teacher, I still have summer to look forward to and to anchor my year, but what about workers who do not have the extended summers that we have?

How do you keep your everyday fresh and exciting, and how do we remind ourselves that each day is a gift from God that we need to live to the fullest?


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