It’s been a while…

Things have been really busy for me the past little while so I have been terrible with blogging. Perhaps I need to set up a schedule for when to blog to make it something that I do regularly…Another thing I have been thinking about is that I don’t have very much of a focus for my blog. It’s a bit of everything – random thoughts, my doodles, faith lessons…do blogs need to be focused?

Anyways, here’s a snippet of life as I know it these days:

  • Finishing up the year with choir Our final concert is next Tuesday at Sydenham Street United Church in Kingston – come watch at 7:00 if you are in town!
  • Supply teaching almost every day These days often leave me tired, but so immensely happy that I got to teach new (and familiar) students :)
  • Doodling I’m working on some hand drawn goodies for a local organization’s annual report (so excited!)
  • Pinterest and Blogsurfing I have been particularly obsessed with wedding pins and teaching blogs lately
  • On Call 36 So this is my guilty pleasure…watching a Chinese soap opera about doctors and residents in an HK hospital. I have been learning many life lessons from this show (no lie =P)

Oh, and one last thing…some marker drawings pulled from the “archives”. These are restaurant storefronts in downtown Kingston that I drew quite a while ago. They’ve been sitting on my desk for the past little bit so I thought I would share them.


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