Card-making frenzy!

It’s been a wonderful weekend so far. I finished watching the whole On Call 36 Hours series (which I found out is officially called “The Hippocratic Crush”…uhh…I don’t get it), and I have produced a total of twenty-eight cards. Woohoo! Heids came over last night with her stamps and ink pads, and it was so nice to just be creative together. Her rubber stamps inspired me to go out and purchase some of my own supplies, so I went and spent $50 at Michael’s this afternoon. Luckily, I have already put them all to very good use :) I have a tendency to do little series or collections when I make cards, so here they are…

oh happy day collection

It’s always nice having Heids make cards with me, because she comes at things from such a different perspective. She always sees the details in different creations, and she offers an eye that I do not have! This next set of images is particularly cute and whimsical. My favourite is the “enjoy today” card.

speech bubble collection
the randoms…

Whenever I make cards, I’m bound to have mistakes. That’s one of the best things about making simple cards – I can let them go when they don’t turn out the way I envision, or I can pull bits and pieces from other cards to make it work. The “Hello!” in the randoms shot about was salvaged from a card front on which I had drawn a really hideous character.

“create” – I particularly like this collection

I have found that spending more time on my google reader and on pinterest has given me more ideas from cards. I keep seeing pennant banner cards, so this is my own take on coloured pennants – rectangles!

At Michael’s, I finally caved and bought a clear acrylic block for all my clear stamps. This is one of my new clear stamps – happy birthday – in a set that has many versatile clings. I’m excited to make more!

This last “collection” is one that I really like because of the simplicity and the colours. I bought the stamp today for less than $2, and I am planning on experimenting with a whole bunch of different colour palettes. We’ll see which look best! Here I just did warm colours vs. cool colours.

one stamp act

There are more cards to share, and also a few postcards, but this post is chock full of images already. Enjoy!


It’s been a while…

Things have been really busy for me the past little while so I have been terrible with blogging. Perhaps I need to set up a schedule for when to blog to make it something that I do regularly…Another thing I have been thinking about is that I don’t have very much of a focus for my blog. It’s a bit of everything – random thoughts, my doodles, faith lessons…do blogs need to be focused?

Anyways, here’s a snippet of life as I know it these days:

  • Finishing up the year with choir Our final concert is next Tuesday at Sydenham Street United Church in Kingston – come watch at 7:00 if you are in town!
  • Supply teaching almost every day These days often leave me tired, but so immensely happy that I got to teach new (and familiar) students :)
  • Doodling I’m working on some hand drawn goodies for a local organization’s annual report (so excited!)
  • Pinterest and Blogsurfing I have been particularly obsessed with wedding pins and teaching blogs lately
  • On Call 36 So this is my guilty pleasure…watching a Chinese soap opera about doctors and residents in an HK hospital. I have been learning many life lessons from this show (no lie =P)

Oh, and one last thing…some marker drawings pulled from the “archives”. These are restaurant storefronts in downtown Kingston that I drew quite a while ago. They’ve been sitting on my desk for the past little bit so I thought I would share them.