origami tutorial videos

In my last post, I talked about how I had been spending some time making different origami forms. I thought it would be nice to make a tutorial video on the first form that I learned, which is called a menko. Putting the video together was really fun (and also involved creating a makeshift stand for my iphone using various objects around the house). The video quality is not the greatest, because the original was a super huge file and it was taking forever to upload (and would thus take forever to buffer), but hopefully it is helpful for those of you who want to create a menko yourself!


some creative time

this past week was march break, which meant i had entire days to do things and have fun. aside from spending a lot of time playing games on my phone, browsing pinterest, and reading, i also found some time to be creative! i am definitely invigorated by creativity and by allowing the artistic part of me to just roam free.

it all started with this marker drawing of some houses across the street!

i am someone who loves drawing with pen and paper, but i often leave it just black (or blue) and white, because i’m afraid of what adding colour might do to the cleanliness of the drawing. this week i decided to whip out my 50 pack of markers…okay more like 47 because i lost a few after kingston through my lens. they’re nothing fancy, just a variety pack i bought at staples and i love them.

a tribute to one of my favourite places in the west end

on monday, i tagged along with kelvin’s family during their visit to toronto. at ikea, i picked up two black ribba frames to add a little something extra to our living room. i am really into drawing cities and streetscapes, so i thought “why not draw some of the awesome buildings on princess street?” it’s nice to live in kingston and to be able to showcase some of the spectacular heritage architecture in the city. i started off with just having two scenes, but as we were hanging them up, the spacing really warranted a third. here are a few snapshots!

the very first one i did, of james reid furniture
probably my favourite of the bunch (perhaps it’s the tilt) – the grand theatre!
this was the late addition: my rendition of a trio of buildings (luke’s gastronomy, three, and lululemon)

something funny to note – i practiced a very long time on my signature before i dared to do it on the actual drawings. i didn’t want to ruin them! in fact, i have a few pages full of signatures and different versions that i was contemplating.

here’s the final product

aside from all the sketches, i also fooled around with some origami. i made these little folded paper squares called menko, which was surprisingly easy! maybe i will do a video tutorial when i have time…

Fun on pinterest

I recently got a pinterest account, and let me say, it is a lot of fun. I am able to take a look at so many different things that other people find interesting, and being such a visual person, I love the way that pinterest is laid out. Anchor charts, wedding dresses, and cute DIY projects are all at my fingertips! Here are some of my faves from the past little while.

The One Day Project

Sometimes random ideas come into my head. Today, I got one of those ideas – The One Day Project. I’m sure something like this has been done before, because the concept isn’t novel. However, I have not ever initiated something like it, so I thought why not. I went upstairs and found one of my empty journals and dedicated it to the project. I even made a website for it! Not sure what will happen with it, but that’s the fun part. I did the first entry in the book, and I am trying to decide who to send it to next…