sister time

apologies for being MIA for so long! it has been quite a roller coaster here in kingston, but i am hoping to start posting regularly again.

i had a wonderful time the past two days with my sister, and i thought it would be nice to share those times here. even though we live in the same city now, we rarely get to see each other because of our conflicting schedules (and her lack of transportation). as she finishes up her reading week, it was nice for us to have some shared R&R.

the most used item of the night was definitely the magic bullet. my parents bought it for me for christmas, and i only just started using it a few days ago. this little appliance is so versatile! we used it to grate cheese (in mere seconds) for our pizza. here is our pesto pizza creation with spinach, onions, mushrooms, and chicken. we made another one with a tomato base, which i think claire and i both preferred. must be the sauce :P

we also used the magic bullet to make delicious smoothies. we three in some frozen blueberries, apple juice, blueberry yogurt, and half a banana. they were so delicious we made them again in the morning! another thing i love about the magic bullet is that it came with all these cool attachments. we have these flip tops that we used to take our smoothies out of the house today (we were short on time…as usual). they really thought of everything!

aside from all our eating, we played lots of wii (claire and i are only mildly competitive with each other), watched 50 first dates, and finished off by cardmaking into the night. claire brought over her scrapbooking/cardmaking kit to get started on her march birthday cards, and i worked happily away at some thank you cards for work. though claire and i are very different, this is one thing that we do have in common!

all in all, it was wonderful, and hopefully we will have another fam jam soon! my parents are scheduled to come up at the end of march break, so i am looking forward to that :)