hitting delete

for those of you who know me, you’ll know that i absolutely love to play games. online games, games on my phone, board games…as long as it has some game element to it, i am hooked.

recently, i purchased an iphone. i knew that one of the things i would really have to watch would be my gaming. with free apps (that are so fun) flowing in from all directions, it’s easy to get distracted. lately, i have been distracted by one such game known as muffin knight. pretty much you are a little guy killing enemies and collecting muffins. sounds simple, right? well, it is. and it’s so much fun. so much so, that i spent 50 minutes playing it this morning. this is not uncommon.

thus, after my little spree this morning, i have decided to delete this game. clearly i do not have the self control to limit my game time to 5 minutes, and i don’t want this to stem into a deeper addiction. this screenshot happens to be the level that i have been spending oodles of hours on. it is a little tough to know that all my “hard work” beating each of these levels will be erased, but this is definitely for the better.

here’s to making better use of my time!



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