in awe of God’s faithfulness

it was around march of this year when i decided that i’d take that step of faith. i would move to kingston, trusting God to provide all that i need. over the past few years, i have really come to love this city, and my plan was to live here permanently, but not before heading home for a few years to work. situations changed, opportunities presented itself, and i found myself committing to be here in kingston right after i got back from my summer adventure on the west coast.

i will be honest, it was really hard for me, and i found myself needing to trust God immensely. often i would break down in tears because i would feel so overwhelmed by how much i needed to do and how little resources i physically had. but as the story goes, God never leaves you hanging.

three months ago, i was homeless, jobless, and broke. today, i have a cute little house to call my own, 3 awesome jobs, an upcoming interview with the school board, and i’m in the black! none of this was by my own doing. in my devo time, i’m following a reading plan that focuses on stewardship. he has placed in me a love for education and for children and youth, so i pray that i will be a good steward of these opportunities, and i look forward to what will happen!


4 thoughts on “in awe of God’s faithfulness

  1. Good for you! I’m 20 and at the College and Carreer Group I attend at my church, we learned about stewardship last night. God IS good. He is wonderful, and he will supply our every need. I’m glad to see you are having faith! Even though I don’t know you, God used this post to bless me. So in return, feel blessed! haha


      1. My Time, and Money I think! I currently don’t have a job, I’m making a CD, but find I have lots of time that I do absolultly NOTHING with. I could be out, with people sharing, encouraging, helping .. something. You know? And with money, though I certainly don’t have much, God HAS blessed me. and I need to remember to share it, God will continue to provide. What about you?!

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