falling on my knees

tonight was our first small group bible study session. we’re doing francis chan’s crazy love study series, and so far the discussion, video, and readings have really challenged me to rethink the way i approach God in prayer. growing up, i was one of those kids who sped through my mealtime prayers really quickly. i said the same prayer every time…

God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food. By his hand we are fed, thank you God for daily bread. amen.

over time, that speed and lack of thought spilled over into my devotional prayer. spending time with God started to become a routine that i just needed to do, but that meant very little. there are mornings when i lie in bed and do morning prayer in a semi-alert state, drifting in and out of sleep. this is no way to approach the creator of the universe.

what i desire is a prayer life that is authentic, that is fresh and new. i want to wake up energized, ready to meet my maker, awestruck by his majesty and his goodness. God has been so good to me (more on this in another post – i have some awesome news to share!) and i continue to be grateful for all his blessings, but i crave that intimate relationship i can have with Him. that is the relationship he has called me to, allowing his love, grace, and mercy to flow out of me.

it is exciting to be in community with other Christians around my age and life stage again. i look with anticipation to what will happen in the coming months :)


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