just me and my blue exercise ball

i am really bad when it comes to exercise. when i was at queen’s i went to step classes every week because i love step, but now that i am out on my own and without a gym, the weekly exercise regimen is at a stand still. i tried running, but my stamina sucks and my knees were feeling it (and i’m only in my 20s…).

enter, the wonderful exercise ball! i found this workout in a real simple magazine at the library, and i started it…today. it calls for you to do the full exercises three times, but by the first time, my abs and arms were already hurting. so alas, i will stick with one time for now and work my way up. what i love about it is that it works a whole bunch of your muscles, but it is low maintenance enough that i can do it at home. in fact, i did it in my living room. i don’t have any solid chairs, so i used my staircase for that first exercise. resourcefulness!

this calls for an every other day routine, so we’ll try again on saturday.


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