stitching and cards

this post is long overdue, but over the past little while i have been incorporating stitching into the cards that i’ve been making. this first one is a thank you to kelvin’s family for being so hospitable over the past few months. i made it to be a little file folder, with 5 different sections. the first section was a general thanks, followed by a personalized section to each of them. i even drew little caricatures of them doing their favourite activities!

here’s a better look at the different cards out of the folder. there wasn’t too much stitching in this one, just along the sides to keep the folder together.

this next card is for my grandma’s birthday! she loves flowers, so i decided to stitch this flower onto the card. i am still learning how to appropriately use patterned paper, but this is one of my forays down that path. it is a very simple card, but i like it. i wrote in both english and chinese on the inside, which made it look a little weird, but i am glad that i picked one language for the exterior.


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