moving in

my new hunters in their new home

i’m now officially living in my new house! i’ve had a handful of sleeps here (on my extremely comfortable, new mattress – thank you sealy!) and it’s not uncommon that i find it really hard to get out of bed in the morning. the lack of drapes in my home has helped to draw me awake around 8 am every morning, but the physical action of getting out of bed takes much longer than it normally does. tonight was a momentous occasion as i cooked my first meal in the home. i made chicken and broccoli alfredo (i used to make it all the time during undergrad because it was just so easy), and i drank green tea. i don’t have a dining table yet, so i dine on a very utilitarian fold out table and sit on a pair of round stools. i also don’t have a couch yet, so the floor is my best friend. on occasion, my exercise ball and beanbag get some use too.

by far the most exciting thing that has happened has been putting together our ikea purchases! kelvin’s parents were kind enough to pick some things up for us when they went down to toronto. we had people over for our very first get-together this past saturday, and we wanted to at least get the lighting up in time. we purchased a not uplight/reading light combo, as well as two holmo lamps. these holmo lamps were only $10 and i love them! i have one downstairs in the living room as well as one in the bedroom, which i am using as a reading light. i haven’t had a chance to go back down to toronto to pick up my things from home, so i am severely lacking shelving, lighting, writing surfaces, and clothes hangers.

the big ticket item, though, was the new malm bed frame we got in birch veneer. kelvin and pat put the whole thing together on saturday, and i even have matching nightstands for it! i love how ikea furniture requires such basic tools for assembly…check out some of our process shots!

they worked hard
using "baby tools" (including my scrapbooking hammer)
the finished product! (note my mattress against the wall)

to sum it all up, i love living on my own. i love the freedom as well as the responsibility. though the precursors to moving in (figuring out maintenance costs, bill payments, furniture, etc.) were extremely stressful and overwhelming at times, this is definitely worth it. i’m looking forward to filling my home with experiences, love, and all around good times.


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