please rate your shopping experience

i’m sure it’s happened to you too – you go to a store, and after you’ve made your purchase, they tell you to go on the website or to this address to rate your shopping experience for a chance to win $1000. now, to be honest, usually i have no desire to do that. even the allure of $1000 isn’t enough for me to go online to fill in a bunch of questions about my mediocre (or lack of) service. i tell myself, what could i possibly have to say about the 3 minutes that i spent in this drug store buying toothpaste.

however, i recently went to leon’s to buy myself a new mattress. i am not someone who frequents leon’s. in fact, it is often one of my last choices, simply because i am very unfamiliar with the brand. nonetheless, i was drawn by their doorcrashing prices. i was helped by an awesome customer service rep, and ended up buying my mattress there (it was over 50% off AND it was super comfortable). when i took my receipt home, i found with it a little yellow flyer that said i could email this address to share about my experience. it didn’t even offer me any money! yet, because my experience was so positive, i sent an email anyways. to top it all off, i got a reply this morning from an actual person thanking me for my feedback, and letting me know that my CSR would be informed that he did a great job.

so there you go. if you are working in sales or retail, know that your attitude and attention really do make a difference. if someone is intent on buying something at your establishment (and not just there to browse), being a friendly and knowledgeable advisor really does help you get the job done.


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