financial goals

i love to watch til debt do us part. and up until this year, i always asked myself, “how could these people be so silly? how is it possible that you have so much debt and you still don’t want to make a change?” now i realize, the answer is either you don’t want to deal (or simply haven’t dealt) with your money responsibly, or you have a problem saying no to yourself. i always thought of myself as a fairly organized and responsible person, but when it comes to finance, i am realizing just how easy it is to turn a blind eye. you may be keeping track of your daily expenses, but when you don’t graph it, total it, or compare it with what you’re making, they simply remain numbers on a page. you may know that you spent $1000 this month, but the meaning behind that changes completely when you realize you’ve only made half that amount.

there is a dire need for me to set some financial goals (and a subsequent plan to reach that), so today i am starting with building my budget. now that i have an income i can actually make a firm budget rather than the soft budget i had while i was in university. with my calculations, if i want to be debt-free by the time i’m 24, that would require me to make $1000 payments monthly starting January. with my current income that’s impossible (which is why i’ve been applying for more jobs), but i am confident this will work out.

lately, i have been reading krystal yees’s blog give me back my five bucks daily, and it has given me tons to think about and many great pointers. definitely worth a visit!


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