consider it pure joy…

…whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. perseverance much finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. (james 1:2-4)

trials are a part of life. we are given them so that we can grow, and so that we can experience new things. for me, the move to kingston was, and continues to be, one such trial. something that i have not doubted is that God wants me to be here in this city. not only can i continue to serve Him and be involved in different ministries, He has also given me the chance to contribute in my own way to the community. i have loved being close to kelvin and his family, to my sister, and to all the lovely things this city has to offer. at the same time, the seeming idleness that comprises most of my day has been slowly taking a toll on my creativity, my motivation, and my love for this place.

when you’re in school, you look longingly to the summer, when you will be free to do whatever you want on your own schedule (and, i suppose, your work schedule). you pine for those days where you can actually do nothing if you feel like it. the past month has been a little bit like that. i have no set time i really need to wake up, so it’s often 9:30 or 10 by the time i get out of bed. i have a few hours to read and do random things until i head off to volunteering or to work. when i come home, i eat, maybe play some games, or just relax. i am very thankful for this break, but i know that it’s time to get moving again.

in the midst of all this, i am planning for the imminent move into my new house. i am so excited for it, and i cannot wait to make it my own. however, the reality of paying for the maintenance of a home, all the things that come with it, furnishings, repairs…it’s really overwhelming. being the stubborn person that i am, i really wanted to manage all this on my own, but i realized it was virtually impossible with my current resources. thankfully, i have been blessed with people around me who support me and who have encouraged me to fix my eyes on Christ first and foremost. kelvin, who is somehow always able to lift my spirits, reminded me of God’s providence – He might not provide for me through anonymously sending me the money i need, but He will make sure i have my necessities, in His own way.

and as always, God continues to be faithful. He has been answering my prayers at the speed of lightning (which leaves me entirely amazed). i haven’t been able to make it out to prayer meetings at church because of my work schedule, but i am encouraged that they have been supporting me in prayer. the one week we were getting really exasperated with our house hunt, we lifted it up to God, and by the next week, we had found a house, and had successfully purchased it. and yesterday, they prayed for my job search, and by the end of the prayer meeting, we got news that the occasional teacher list for the board here had opened up. i know that prayers will not always be answered this quickly, and this directly, but may this serve as a reminder for me in the same way that the stones reminded the israelites of God’s faithfulness.

God is faithful, and He loves us. May all glory and praise go to Him.


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