because i love my grandpa :)

this is a really special year, because it’s my grandpa’s 80th birthday. he is a wonderful man who i admire greatly. he is a man of the word, a man of prayer, and a man of humility. that is a combination of qualities that is hard to come by, but he possesses them. he considers his worldly achievements of little importance (though there are a TON…including his international-level refereeing career which i only found out about a few years ago!) and dedicates so much to his family and to his relationship with Christ. in honour of his big day (and given the time i have been blessed with), i decided to make his birthday celebration invitation cards. apologies for the poor quality…i’m at my parents’ house and cannot find a camera…so i used my blackberry.

this card went through a few revisions…i started off with a completely different concept, but then this idea came to me. the circular symbol you see is the chinese character for longevity. the card on the far left is the original…where the character is actually split in half and you need to slide the card open (think chinese take out containers). the middle card is the same design, but instead of the half circles being on the outside of the card, they’re on the inside. i really liked this concept, but my grandpa thought it would be a little bit too troublesome to open. thus, we have the card on the far right, which is what i’ll be making.

this gives you a better understanding of how these cards actually go together. the one on the right is the original – so what you see as the top flap is cut halfway from the bottom and the bottom flap is cut half way from the top. they slide into each other so the card is really secure. the one on the left just uses a tab that fits into a slot i cut into the semi-circle. it’s much easier to open and close, but it doesn’t stay together as tightly.

anyways, i need to finish them tonight if i want to go back to kingston tomorrow night!


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