a fall summer in ottawa

spent the weekend with my family in ottawa. the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS, and we settled in nicely as we arrived saturday afternoon. we always stay at the westin in ottawa (great location, love the brand), and this time we had a stunning view of wellington street as opposed to our usual view down into the rideau centre. it inspired me to sketch. here’s my (not to scale) take on the heart of wellington at the canal.

our family has always been a very go-go-go type of family when we’re on vacation. lately, though, we have taken to slowing down and just enjoying each other’s company. this holiday was no exception to that. some good food (cupcakes at thimble cakes, dinner at side door and at social), some good wandering (at gatineau park and in the market), and some good learning (at the diefenbunker).

all in all, i have renewed my love for ottawa (which waned following a few visits with below average food and cold temperatures). i will hopefully be returning shortly…


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