the sketchbook project

i like being creative. thus, i like art house co-op. they come up with the coolest ideas ever to make art creation intentional in your everyday life. but more than that, they remind you that art is fun. they have something called the sketchbook project. it’s a project whereby you sign up, choose a theme, and they send you a notebook to fill with your own sketches and doodles. upon completion of your notebook, you send it back to the them, and your book goes on tour. heids and i really wanted to do this, but we really wanted to keep our notebooks at the end of it all. so, we decided to do our own unofficial version of the sketchbook project. instead of choosing one theme, we decided to try and tackle all of them – with at least one entry dedicated to each theme. hopefully there will be some sort of vein that runs through all of our sketches. i just started mine today, so here is the beginning! i will be adding images as i complete them, and updating the table of contents.


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