iphone up

i have always been anti-iphone. i don’t any own apple products, and save for using a pat’s ipad to play fruit ninja, i’m a blackberry and pc user to the core. i have tried relentlessly to distance myself from the apple brand. however, i recently read a book called always on (brian x. chen) that talked about the perks and also the downfall of the iphone phenomenon. i must admit, it’s impressive what they’ve done and the way they go about it. still, i tried to cling to my tactile keyboard and amazing encryption (which for my purposes really doesn’t matter).

but now, it seems my apple-less existence is over. i have been looking for the past few months to switch my number, and perhaps my provider. in the wake of the iphone 4s release, it seems i have no more excuses. kelvin is a true apple user, and has secretly…or perhaps not so secretly been trying to bring me to the dark side. so this morning, after countless pep talks about how amazing the iphone is, and how great this plan is, i signed up. i pre-ordered my white (of course) iphone 4s, on a plan that is more unlimited than i have ever experience, and i am looking forward to receiving it in the near future.

i cannot promise that i won’t be downloading games onto this…


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