love and life

something that i really appreciate about kingston is the pace of life here. it’s the perfect medium between the busyness that you get with big cities and the quietness found in smaller country settings. some of my days are full of meetings, work, and hours on the computer doing random administrative things or planning for projects. other days are lazy, with lots of reading and napping and eating good food. i always thought that i was someone who wanted the go, go, go lifestyle – always being busy and having something to do. but now, i realize that that type of lifestyle is too exhausting for me. i enjoy the calm that i can have every once in the midst of spurts of frenzied activity. that is what i like. perhaps the thing i love most about all this is that i feel no need to compare myself to what others are doing. there is no desire to stay updated with hundreds of people, or to jam my agenda full of hour-long meet ups with people i see maybe once or twice a year. i am able to foster those close friendships that God has blessed me with, the most important one being my relationship with Him.

and of course, there’s the relationship i have with kelvin. being with him in kingston has been wonderful – evenings of cooking food, watching tv, and just enjoying each other’s company. he’s introduced me to new things (sartorialist, streaming parks and rec, and watching this guy do walk-throughs of video games) and we’ve found ways to do things we both love (he reads his archie comics, while i read architectural digest). and tonight, i took a break from resumes and cover letters to play one of our favourite games: life.


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