fill ‘er up

i am not normally one who comments on such things as gas prices, but the prices in kingston lately have caught my attention. not too long ago, i was filling up at 125, 126 cents/litre. today, as i was driving past the pioneer on princess (probably the cheapest gas in kingston…though the ultramar down off collins bay is usually the last one to raise its prices), the price was at an all time low – below 115! then i thought back to a decade or so ago when we regularly saw prices in the area of  50 to 60 cents. do you recall that year where the gas price was hovering around 100? the stations only had room to go up to 99 cents, and we had no idea what would happen! there were those days were the price was 01.09 and you thought WHOA what a bargain, but then realized immediately after that there must be a 1 in front of that, they just have no room on the signs. well, looks like we smoothed out that kink nicely enough.

anyways, the point of this story really is to say that i’m surprised gas prices are so low. if you’re in the kingston area, and you find yourself with an empty tank, it’s a good time to fill ‘er up :)


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