training my brain

growing up, i did a lot of things that you might consider stereotypically asian. i went to chinese school, took piano lessons, and was pushed to excel academically at school. one thing i didn’t do, though, was kumon. as fate would have it, kumon has now become a very large part of my life, and with Canada’s youngest kumon instructor as my better half, it seems as if kumon is here to stay.

anyways, amongst all of the kumon paraphernalia that is in his household, there is one item that has been catching my eye for the past little while. i’m one of those people who really likes puzzles (of all sorts) and actually finds enjoyment in using my brain constantly. so, you can imagine that when i saw this book entitled “train your brain”, i was intrigued. my lumosity trial account expired a while ago, and i’ve been wanting to do something to keep memory loss at bay, so i thought of this as a potential solution.

after watching the book for a few weeks (and also being the only one who actually moved it at all) i decided today that i’m going to go for it. i am going to take this 60 day challenge to improve my brain activity. every day, i need to do one page (front and back) of simple computational math problems, and at the end of each week, i do number recitation, word memorization, and the stroop test. my pre-training score was 42 seconds to recite 1-120, 11 words memorized, and 36 seconds for the stroop test. i’ll let you know how it goes!



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